What to wear in Iceland in spring (March-May)

Are you coming to Iceland in the spring and wondering what to wear? 

You’re not the only one! 

Spring in Iceland is a bit wild. Are we getting a longer winter? An early summer? Both?  

Who knows! 

As an Icelander I’m always surprised how little I know the weather in Iceland. 

Which is why you need to be prepared for anything! 

In this blog I’ll go over; 

  • What weather to expect during spring in Iceland 
  • What clothes to wear! 

Make sure to read to the end so you can be prepared for your travels in Iceland! 

So, let’s jump into it! 

The Weather During Spring In Iceland

You can expect cold days, especially during March. 

But after that the days are fairly mild with lots of wind and rain. Still cold…just not as cold. 

So, what weather can you expect? 


March is pretty cold, I mean, we’re basically still in the winter. 

Average temperature is about 0,5°C/33°F 

The days are getting longer but it’s still very dark. 

And as you can see, we’re just above freezing temperatures, so you can expect a lot of wind, rain, and snow  

March is a bit of a wild card, so if you’re coming then, our blog about what to wear in March will help you out 

But what about April? 


The weather definitely starts to get better. 

The days are warmer with an average temperature of around 2.9°C/37,2°F 

You can still expect a lot of rain and wind, but the chances of snow are quickly fading away. 

But that doesn’t mean you won’t see any snow! It depends on the year, but you can still expect snow days in April, it’s just a bit unlikely.  

And May? 


Now we’re almost into summer! Wohooo! 

The average temperature is hovering around 6,3°C/43,3°F.  

As you can see, it’s getting a lot warmer!  

The weather is much milder, but you can still expect it to be windy and rainy.  

Just… not as much 

Which begs the question!  

What To Wear In Iceland In Spring

Let’s start with, 

Base Layers

Thermals are the way to go! 

Thermals dry fast and keep you warm. Everything you need for your travels!  

They’re a great base layer and if you wear good outer layers, you won’t need any mid layers! 

Though this depends on the day of course!  


Breathable and warm. That’s what a good mid-layer is supposed to be. 

With that in mind, what do I suggest? 

A thick sweater could be a good choice. 

Or a hoodie. 

Just make sure that the hoodie is from a sports brand since they tend to be more breathable than others.  

You could opt for a thin down jacket as well. 

But if your outer layer is very good, then it might be too much 

And now that you’ve got the base layers and mid layers sorted, it’s time for… 

Outer Layers

Spring is a difficult time, as I’ve probably mentioned a couple of times. 

And the key to staying warm and dry is good outer layers. 

You’ll want; 

  • Outdoor pants that are water-resistant and windproof. Why not waterproof pants? Well, then you lose breathability. So, if you want to sweat a lot, then no problem! 

Then we get to the heavy hitters. 

You’ve got a few choices. 

The parka 

  • Extremely warm, windproof, and highly water-resistant.  
  • Wearing a parka means that you most likely won’t need a mid-layer, but this depends on the person and how windy it gets 
  • This should be the option for March, after that, the insulated raincoat is a better choice 

The insulated raincoat 

  • Completely waterproof, and windproof and it will keep you warm. 
  • You also won’t need more than just a base layer while wearing the insulated raincoat, though that is because it doesn’t breathe well. 
  • Because it’s not as warm as a parka, the insulated raincoat is a good choice for April and May.  

The shell 

  • Windproof and water-resistant 
  • It’s good for a hike and offers protection from the wind and the rain. However, you will need to wear more layers than the other two options.  
  • Like the raincoat, this option is better for April and May 

And that’s it! 

Throw on a beanie and put on some gloves and you’re good to go!  

If you take my advice, you’ll know exactly what to wear in Iceland in Spring 

  • Wear a good outer layer and the thermal underwear will take you far.  
  • Make sure to factor in the wind before you start your journey. The windier it is, the more layers you might need! 

Check out our selection right here! 

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