935 kr.

  • This is a great accessory, but will not keep you warm by itself!
  • Great for winter (November – March)
  • Pricing:
    • 1st day: 935 ISK (approx $6.5)
    • 2nd day: 305 ISK (approx $2)
    • 3rd day: 200 ISK (approx $1.5)
    • 4th day and after that: 95 ISK per day (approx $0.5)
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There are three main locations on your body that you must cover to keep yourself warm. The feet, the armpits and the good old noggin! To add on to that, we have a lot of wind, coming at you from all directions. So, when traveling in Iceland, it is essential to keep a beanie on your person at all times. No matter how well you’re dressed, no matter how waterproof you are, if you don’t have a beanie to keep the head warm, you will be cold!

The beanie is knitted with a badge in Galon material at the front side and is made out of soft-touch yarn.
You can’t go wrong with keeping your head warm! And if you encounter extreme weather, just throw the hoodie on as well!

A beanie is a solid pick all year round, but most important during winter! (November-March)

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