What is IcelandCover?

What do we do?

Great question! What we have done is we’ve chosen the no-nonsense items that you need for your stay here in Iceland. We will deliver the clothing right to your doorstep and pick them up once you’re leaving, so that you can spend every minute enjoying yourself here in our country!

Why do we do this?

Now, we’ve traveled A LOT, and some of the stuff we bought on our adventures, we didn’t really need. When we came back home it all ended up in the back of the closet and hasn’t been used in years.
It would have been awesome if we could’ve rented some of the stuff we brought and had to purchase. With our services, we hope we can spare other travelers the coin on buying expensive clothing, so they can spend it on enjoying themselves in Iceland instead!

Our story

The journey started in 2018. During a fateful road trip to the beautiful church named Strandakirkja (seriously, it’s so pretty, you should check it out), Dave threw out the brilliant – and super original – idea to rent the expensive outdoor clothing to people like you! Sveinbjörn, who recently graduated from The University of Iceland went to work on a business plan and after many coffee breaks and discussions in the local public pool, they somehow managed to put this all together. How these two got any work done at all, we’ll never know.

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