What to Wear in Iceland in Autumn (September-November)

Wondering what to wear in Iceland in autumn?  

Well, I can’t blame ya!   

September – November can be pretty wild, and you never know what to expect! Though that can be said about most months. 

I’ve lived in Iceland for almost my entire life and I don’t even know what’s going on sometimes. 

Which is why you need to be prepared for anything! 

In this blog I’ll go over; 

  • What weather to expect during Fall in Iceland 
  • What clothes to wear! 

Make sure to read to the end so you can be prepared for your adventure in Iceland! 

Let’s get to it! 

The Weather During Fall In Iceland

Don’t expect extremely low temperatures during this period. The thing that makes the autumn in Iceland so special is the variety of weather. 

Snow? Rain? Both? Who knows!  

But how cold are we talking? 


You can expect an average temperature of 47.3°F (8.5°C), with an average high of 50°F (11°C), and the average low is 42°F (6°C).  

But don’t let that fool you!  

You see, we Icelanders don’t factor in the wind. So even though the temperature is fairly high that might not be what it feels like. 

But what about October? 


October is a bit colder (surprise surprise) with an average temperature of 39.9F (4.4°C). 

The rule applies as in September, the wind and rain might just get ya!  

And November? 


Even colder!  

33.9F (1.1°C) 

It’s like we’re heading into winter or something… 

So, as you can see, the fall in Iceland isn’t really that cold… on paper. 

But you can expect lots of wind, rain, and maybe a bit of snow that will add to how cold it feels. 

The point is, you need to be prepared for the cold, cause it’s going to be cold no matter what. 

Which begs the question!  

What To Wear In Iceland In Autumn?

Let’s start with, 

Base Layers

Thermals are the way to go! 

The same goes for all other months in Iceland, which you’ll notice if you read our other blogs, we love thermal underwear.  

They keep you warm and dry fast if they get wet. 

We like to focus on good outer layers and because of that, you won’t need a lot of layers underneath. 

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring more layers. 

This leads me to… 


The mid-layers should ideally be breathable and warm. 

Which is why a lot of people recommend the Icelandic wool sweater. 

But many people don’t have that readily available. 

So, what else do you use? 

A thick sweater could be a good choice. 

Or a hoodie. 

There might be some issues with breathability.

Which is why it would be a good idea to wear a hoodie from a sports brand. 

Those will have better breathability and dry faster. 

Now that you’ve got the base layers and mid-layers sorted, it’s time for… 

Outer layers

Autumn is a difficult time, as I’ve mentioned once or twice before. 

And the key to staying warm and dry is good outer layers. 

You’ll want; 

  • Outdoor pants.  
    • Water-resistant and windproof. Why not waterproof pants? Well, then you lose breathability. So, if you want to sweat a lot, then no problem! 

Then we get to the heavy hitters. 

You’ve got a few choices. 

The parka 

Extremely warm, windproof, and highly water-resistant.  

Wearing a parka means that you most likely won’t need a mid-layer, but this depends on the person and how windy it gets 

The insulated raincoat 

Completely waterproof, windproof, and will keep you warm (though not as warm as the parka) 

You also won’t need more than just a base layer while wearing the insulated raincoat, though that is because it doesn’t breathe well. 

The shell 

Windproof and water-resistant 

The shell is good for a hike and offers protection from the wind and the rain. However, you will need to wear more layers than the other two options.  

And that’s it! 

Grab a beanie and some gloves and you’re good to go!  

If you follow my advice, you’ll know exactly what to wear in Iceland in autumn  

  • Wear good outdoor clothes and you won’t need more than thermal underwear as layers.  
  • Make sure to factor in the wind when checking the temperature. 

Check out our selection right here for great outdoor gear. 

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