Women’s Insulated Raincoat

4,190 kr.

    • This insulated raincoat has amazing versatility and is absolutely perfect for the summer in Iceland! Stay warm and 100% dry while you explore and enjoy Iceland!
    • Great for the spring, summer, and fall in Iceland!
    • Pricing:
      • 1st day: 4,190 ISK (approx $31)
      • 2nd day: 1,145 ISK (approx $8.5)
      • 3rd day: 882 ISK (approx $6)
      • 4th day and after that: 641 ISK (approx $4.5)
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The insulated raincoat is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century and that’s a fact. This raincoat/parka – a glorious combination – is a small step down from the full-on parka. But it more than makes up for it by being made from a material that repels the rain, meaning there is no chance that you’ll get soaked. If you don’t get how big of a deal that is here in Iceland, you will.
Here is some information about this garment.

  • Galon jacket with pile lining inside the body and padded sleeves
  • Slanted pocket flaps with loose hanging pockets inside
  • Straight shape for a looser fit.
  • 2-way zipper closing at the front behind the placket

Unlike a simple raincoat where its job is to keep you dry. The insulated raincoat takes it a step further and keeps you warm as well. Didrickson were nice enough to make it with a high front collar to protect from the rain and wind, something that is very much appreciated here in Iceland. We here at IcelandCover are very fond of it because it’s an all-around garment that truly catches the essence of what is needed for Icelandic weather

Why choose this one over the parka? Because the parka is too good at its job and is simply too much for the summertime. The insulated raincoat will keep you cozy warm and dry when you have a schedule to keep and can’t let something as silly as mother nature slow you down.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the color you will receive, but we can guarantee that you’ll look fabulous and warm!

We recommend the insulated raincoat for spring, summer, and fall!

S 4-6 6-8 38-40
M 7-10 9-12 41-43
L 11-14 13-16 44-48
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