What To Wear In Iceland In March: A Quick Guide (2024)

Are you coming to our little island in March and wondering what to wear in Iceland?

The weather in Iceland in March is all over the place. It’s very much a ‘wild card’ month.

Will it be windy and rainy? Is there still some snow? Maybe it’s everything?

In this quick post I’ll go over;

  • What to expect from the weather
  • What to wear in Iceland in March

Make sure to read until the end so you can get the most out of your time in Iceland!

You can also watch the video we made on the subject! It’s only 3 and a half minutes!

Let’s jump into it! 

What’s the weather like in March?

March is one of the colder months of the year. 

With an average temperature of -2.2°C (28°F) on the low end and 3.3°C (38°F) on the high end.  

You can expect a lot of wind and rain during this month. 

Combine that with low temperatures, you can expect a very cold month.

This month is a total wild card. 

There’s no way to predict how it’ll go. Will it be cold and snowy? Or will it be warm, windy, and rainy? Or maybe it’ll just be warm! We have no clue!

Which is why you have to be prepared for anything!

But how much daylight can you expect?

How long are the days in March?

In March the days are getting noticeably longer (thank god).

Sunrise on the 1st of march is around 8:30 am and sunset is around 6:40 pm. 

Giving us around 10 hours of daylight! 

This is a very welcome change especially when you compare it to January, where we get a little over 4 hours of daylight at the beginning of the month!  

And by the end of the month, we’ll have about 13 hours and 30 minutes! 

Amazing…kind of!

It’s good to be aware of how much daylight you’ll have during your visit. 

But you shouldn’t worry, 10-13 hours is plenty of time! 

Now that you know what to expect, let’s dive into how you should prepare for adventure in Iceland!

What to wear in Iceland in March

Recommending what to wear in March is a bit difficult. 

But I’ll do my best to explain my reasoning for each one!

Let’s start with the main garment.

The parka

A parka is still a great option for March. 

Since it’ll be windy and cold (probably) you’ll definitely appreciate it.

But after this month the parka becomes too much.

It’s too darn good at its job that after March, you’ll want something lighter. 

But for March, the parka is still the way to go!


You’ll want thin layers underneath the outer layers. 

You most likely won’t need a lot more than that in March, especially if you’re doing a lot of walking.

Remember, you want thermals that dry fast. So if they get wet, you don’t have to wait an entire day until you can use them again.


A nice hoodie is the only middle layer you’ll need most likely. 

If it’s cold enough to warrant a hoodie as a middle layer, then the parka will take care of the rest.

I recommend carrying a thick hoodie/sweater in a bag when you travel. So if you need it, you can put it on.

Outdoor pants

Your outdoor pants should be water-resistant and windproof. 

You don’t want to have wet legs when you’re traveling, it’s the worst!

I also recommend wearing thermals or sweatpants underneath.

Jeans will do fine, but they’re just not as comfortable. 


A good pair of hiking boots is always the way to go when traveling in Iceland. 

It’s very important that the boots you choose are waterproof and breathable.


You don’t want wet feet and if the boots aren’t breathable, you’ll be sweating quite a bit and that will leave you with cold feet!

Things to be aware of

You can expect a lot of rain and wind. 

But it can also be very cold. You never know which one really, which is why it’s hard to plan exactly what you need. 

But a good rule of thumb is to wear lots of waterproof clothing! 

Final words

That’s it!

Now you know what to expect and what to wear for Iceland in March!

If you follow my advice, you’ll be well prepared for your time in Iceland.

If you’d like some more info on what to do during March, check out this post!

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