What to wear for a city walk in Reykjavik (2024)

If you’re coming to Iceland, chances are that you’re going to spend a day or two in Reykjavík.

And you should! 

It’s a beautiful city with plenty of things to do and see!

But, there’s a catch…

You’re still in Iceland! This means that the weather can get in your way.

But it doesn’t have to!

In this post, I’ll tell you what outdoor clothing in Reykjavík you’ll need.

I’ll go over;

  • What weather you can expect in summer and winter
  • What to wear in summer and winter
  • What to do on your city walk

Make sure to read all of it so you can take the right set of clothes and make the most out of your city walk in Reykjavík and get my recommendations on what to do! 

Let’s get to it!

What weather to expect in Reykjavik in the summer?

The summer is a mixed bag. It’s hard to say exactly what you’ll need.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet on cloudy and windy. 

Which it is most of the time.

It won’t get very cold, the average temperature in the summer is between 10-15°C (60-59°). 

However, it’ll be windy for sure. 

And you can expect rain as well!

So that begs the question, what do you wear?

Outdoor clothing in Reykjavik in summer

Since summer isn’t really THAT cold, you won’t need a lot of layers. 

However, be careful! 

This is why I recommend bringing a backpack with you. That way you don’t have to wear your thick coat if it’s sunny, but you can whip it out should the weather change quickly! 

A raincoat 

A raincoat is always recommended in the summertime. 

A good raincoat will get you through the summertime in Reykjavík most of the time. 

If it’s fitted to keep you warm as well, that’s even better!

A windbreaker 

A windbreaker with a thick layer underneath is a solid choice as well

Since some of the buildings form a funnel for the wind, it can get quite windy in some places. 

A great example is Kolagata, where you can often find the wind blowing in your face.

But! As long as you have a windbreaker and a thick sweater underneath, you’re safe!


You can easily wear normal city shoes in Reykjavík in the summer.

However, do be aware of the rain, if you can wear boots that can withstand a few drops, then definitely bring them! Or rent!


Even though it’s summer, you’ll want a beanie. Your ears will thank you.

Cause as I´ve mentioned, it’s windy! 

But that´s it, you won’t need any more outdoor clothing for your Reykjavík city walk in the summer.

But what about winter?

What weather to expect in Reykjavík in the winter?

The winter is cold.

The average temperature is only 0°(32°) in the south. While in the north it’s quite higher at -10°(14°F). 

But don’t let that fool you! Because of this, we get a lot of rain in the winter. 

It’s also much windier and most of the storms happen in winter. 

In Reykjavík, you shouldn’t expect too much snow. We usually get a few weeks of ‘proper’ snow. Where the snow reaches your knees and you can make snowmen and other things.

So to recap,

  • It’ll be windy
  • It’ll be cold
  • Chances of rain and snow are high

So what does that mean for you?

Outdoor clothing in Reykjavik in winter

Right, now for the real reason for this post!

To enjoy your city walk in Reykjavík in winter you’ll need a few things.


You’ll want to be wearing as many layers as you need.

I’d recommend a thin baselayer, followed by a sweater with a zipper. 

This is because you’ll be going in and out of stores, bars, and restaurants and you want to be able to get your layers off so you don’t get too warm.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots in the winter are very important if you want to have a nice stroll through our city. 

Remember how I said that we don’t get a lot of snow? Well, most of the time, the snow turns into sleet real quick.

And sleet will soak your shoes really quickly! Having wet feet will not make you want to spend ANY time outside. 

A good pair of boots is essential for Iceland in summer. 

You can of course risk it, but I would not recommend it.

But the most important item you’ll need for your city walk is…

The parka

The parka is THE item of clothing for winter. 

It’ll keep you warm and dry during your time in Iceland and reduce the layers you need! 

However, if you’re prone to cold, you should definitely not leave the house without them.

The parka will serve you well if it’s raining, windy, or just super cold!

Other things for you city walk in Reykjavik


You need a beanie for winter! 

You won´t want to spend a lot of time outside if your ears are freezing. 


A scarf will definitely come in handy in the winter. 

Though if our parka has a high front collar, so it protects your neck in the winter!

However, if your parka doesn’t have a high collar, then a scarf is definitely recommended. 


Definitely wear a good pair of gloves. 

I wouldn’t say that water-proof gloves are necessary but they will be handy (pun intended).

This leads me to my final point.

What to do on a city walk in Reykjavík 

Even though Reykjavík is quite small, there are plenty of things to do! 

So let’s go over a few of them!


The whale museum 

Are you interested in whales? Then this place is for you! 

A great museum to kill a few hours. There are also a few bars around, so if you get thirsty while you’re there, you won’t have to go far!

The whale museum is located on Fiskislóð 23-25 and costs 3.400 ISK for an adult. 

Aurora Reykjavík

Have you had bad luck looking for the northern lights? Then this palace is for you, AuroraReykjavík

The AuroraReykjavík is located on Grandagarður 2 and the entrance fee is 2.500 ISK for an adult.

Penis museum

The Phallic museum is a must-see if you’re doing a city walk in Reykjavík.

They’ve got penises from all around the world, human and animal alike! 

The museum is located on Kalkofnsvegur 2 and the entrance fee is 2.500 ISK

Punk museum

The punk museum is one of the more iconic museums in Reykjavík. 

Located in a toilet on Laugavegur, which is very on brand, it’s super easy to get to and you should absolutely check it out!

‘But David’ you exclaim. ‘I don’t care about museums’

No worries! I’ve got some stuff for you to do!

Activities in Reykjavik

Food walks

Food walks are a great opportunity to explore the downtown area as well as eat some great food!

I personally recommend Reykjavík Food Walk. You won’t regret taking a tour with them!

Beer walk

Reykjavik food and beer walk, Iceland

If you like beer then you want to explore what Iceland has to offer. 

Ever since 1989 when beer was legalized many microbreweries have sprouted all over the country. 

And they’re all doing some crazy stuff! 

Public pools

The public pools in Iceland are amazing. If you can manage to wake up early (6 am) you’ll be able to experience a peaceful morning in the warm water.

I’d recommend sundhöll Reykjavíkur, Vesturbæjarlaug or Sundlaug Seltjarnarness

But…What else? You might be thinking 

Landmarks in Reykjavik

There are a few landmarks you can hit on your city walk.

So let me list a few!


A classic that’s hard to miss

The pond

A lovely little pond in the heart of Reykjavík. In the wintertime, you can walk on the ice if it’s cold enough!

Sun voyager 

You’ve probably seen pictures of the Sun Voyager. 

It’s right by the ocean so it’s going to be windy!


Hljómskálargarðurinn is a public park right next to the Pond. 

In the summer it’s filled with activities such as music, food festivals and a bunch of other things! 

In the winter, it’s cold… let’s leave it at that.

Final Words

That’s it!

If you take my advice on outdoor clothing in Reykjavík, then your city walk will be lovely and enjoyable!

We offer everything you need to enjoy Reykjavík, so check out our selection right here!

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