9 tips for camping in Iceland in the summer

Are you thinking about going camping in Iceland in the summer?  Looking for advice and camping equipment?

Then you’re in the right place! 

If you’ve ever dreamt of pitching your tent amidst breathtaking landscapes or witnessing the midnight sun, then Iceland is your playground.  

In this blog, we’ll share tips on how to get the most out of your camping trip in Iceland! 

So, let’s get to it! 

9 tips for camping In Iceland In The Summer

1. Dress for the Cold

Hopefully, the weather will be great. But you should be prepared for cold summer nights and windy days. 

Here is a short list of clothes you should wear. 

  • Thermals 
  • Hiking sweater 
  • Merino wool socks 
  • Hiking boots (Gore-Tex or similar) 
  • Sweatpants 
  • Outdoor pants 
  • A shell 
  • An insulated raincoat 
  • Beanie 
  • Gloves 

2. camping equipment for Iceland

Let’s talk gear.  

No camping trip is complete without the right equipment to keep you cozy, dry, and caffeinated (because let’s face it, coffee is the elixir of life).  

From high-tech tents to trusty gas stoves, here’s what you’ll need to conquer Iceland’s wild wonders: 

If you don’t want to bring the heavy camping equipment with you, you can rent the outdoor equipment with us! 

Choose wisely, my friends, for your tent shall be your sanctuary amidst Iceland’s ever-changing weather. Opt for a sturdy, weatherproof tent that can withstand everything from gale-force winds to surprise rain showers. 

Don’t let Iceland’s chilly nights catch you off guard. Invest in a warm, cozy sleeping bag that’ll keep you toasty when the temperature drops. 

Your back will thank you! Get a sleeping mat that’s light to carry and blows up on its own!  

  • Portable Power:  

In a land where adventure awaits around every corner, staying connected is key. Pack a portable charger to keep your gadgets juiced up and ready for action, whether you’re snapping photos of majestic waterfalls or updating your Instagram with shots of your epic campsite. 

  • Culinary Creativity:  

Who says camping food has to be boring? Channel your inner gourmet chef with a trusty gas stove, a set of durable cookware, and a dash of culinary creativity.  

  • Creature Comforts: 

Don’t forget the little luxuries that make camping oh-so-comfortable. Pack a cozy blanket, a comfy camp chair, and maybe even a portable espresso maker for those early morning wake-up calls. 

Don’t go off into the wilderness without the stuff you need! We have 3 different bags to offer. So, if you want to go on a daily excursion or a multi-day hike, we’ve got you covered! 

  • A table to carry 

Sometimes you want to eat on the ground and sometimes you’d like to sit in a chair and eat at the table. The good thing is that we don’t really have any ants in Iceland (nothing to worry about at least) so you can of course eat on the grass without worry! 

But should you want a table, check out our selection!  

3. When to go

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge and gear to tackle Iceland’s wild wonders, let’s talk timing.  

The summer is the prime time for camping in Iceland, with long daylight hours and mild temperatures.  

Spring and autumn offer their own unique charms, from blooming wildflowers to dazzling displays of Northern Lights. But this blog is about the summer, so we’ll focus on that! 

But whatever season you choose, remember this: Iceland’s weather is as fickle as a cat in a room full of laser pointers.  

Be. Prepared. For. Anything.  

From sunshine and rainbows to snowstorms and gale-force winds. And when in doubt, just remember the age-old Icelandic saying: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” 

4. Camping Etiquette

In Iceland, as in life, it’s important to leave no trace and take only memories (and maybe a few Instagram-worthy photos).  

Respect the environment, follow designated camping rules, and always leave your campsite cleaner than you find it. 

5. Where is the gas station?

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the gas stations when you’re driving past them. 

The biggest one is N1 which you can find all over the country.  

They offer a map in many of their gas stations so make sure to pick on up! 

6. Camping card

You can buy a camping card that will give you access to a bunch of campsites around Iceland. 

For only 194 USD (179 Euro)! 

7. Go to the west fjords

That’s it, that’s the tip! 

You won’t regret it! 

8. No campfires

You can’t start campfires everywhere. So, either find a designated campfire or use the gas stove! 

9. Krónan and Bónus

Krónan and Bónus are the two main discount stores in Iceland.  

We recommend that you buy all your food there! 

And that’s it! 

I hope you have a clearer picture on how to camp in Iceland in summer and that you’ll be able to enjoy your time in Iceland! 

And if you want to rent the outdoor camping equipment you need, you can check out our selection here! 

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