Sleeping mat- 3 inch (7 cm) thickness

2,240 kr.

  • A 3-inch (7 cm) thickness thick sleeping mat for camping.
  • Enjoy the night in Iceland with a warm cup of cocoa and good support for the back.
  • A great option from May – September
  • Pricing:
    • 1st day: 2,240 ISK (approx. $16.5)
    • 2nd day: 672 ISK (approx. $5)
    • 3rd day: 448 ISK (approx. $3.5)
    • 4th day: 417 ISK (approx. $3)
    • 5th day and after that: 387 ISK (approx. $2.5)

Camping in Iceland can be wonderful, but you have to be prepared! 

As you are on vacation, your back deserves one too! 

This sleeping mat will be like lying on a bed of roses. 

It uses pressure mapping technology to offer thoughtful support at camp. Three inches (7.6 whole cm!) offers generous comfort while the premium foam protects campers from the cold.  

The soft stretch-knit face fabric offers a luxury sleep surface.  

The extra-comfy self-inflating pad features the easy-to-use TwinLock valve, allowing the pad to inflate three times faster and deflate five times faster.  

Here are some fun facts; 

  • Plush Materials: Soft, stretch knit surface feels great next to the skin. 
  • Targeted Comfort: Unique pressure-mapped pattern delivers support and softness. 
  • Extra Thick: 3 inches (7.6 cm) of bump- swallowing loft. 
  • Self-Inflating: Compressible foam core expands to inflate; add just a few breaths for your desired firmness. 
  • TwinLock™ Valve: Utilizing two one-way valves, one for inflation and one for deflation, the TwinLock valve system makes setting up and breaking camp a breeze. 


So rent the sleeping mat for your camping trip in Iceland with us and enjoy expliring our little island on your terms! 

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