Hiking Poles

1,900 kr.

  • Looking for some stability in your life? Well, we can’t help you with that, but these hiking poles will keep you on your feet in Iceland…so that’s something.
  • These bad boys are ready to help you on your journey all year round! 
  • Pricing:
    • 1st day: 1,900 ISK (approx $14)
    • 2nd day: 890 ISK (approx $7)
    • 3rd day: 590 ISK (approx $5)
    • 4th day and after that: 390 ISK (approx $3)
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A great option for people that want to be sure of their steps!

Whether you’re going for a hike in the summer or just want to keep your feet on the ground during the winter months, these hiking poles got you covered!

Not much else to say!

Sturdy, reliable, and full of pizzazz!

We recommend hiking poles all year round!

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