Hiking crampons

3,286 kr.


  • These hiking crampons are ideal for people that want to explore Iceland and would like that extra level of safety against the ice!
  • They offer great grip while you explore and enjoy Icelandic nature during the height of winter! Great for the golden circle, south coast, Snæfellsnes peninsula tours, and hikes.
    • Pricing:
      • 1st day: 3,286 ISK (approx $24)
      • 2nd day: 1,741 ISK (approx $13)
      • 3rd day: 1020 ISK (approx $7.5)
      • 4th day and after that: 391 ISK (approx $2.5)
  • Size guide in the description!

We recommend these crampons from December – February 

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Extra Large

If you plan on doing some hiking and exploring and don’t want to slip, then these bad boys are for you! One sure way to ruin your time in Iceland is to fall and hurt yourself.

Great for walking off-road and where you can expect lots of ice. 

These are a bit too much for an easy city walk, so if that’s your plan, then we suggest our city crampons. 

These premium winter crampons are great for daily excursions where you’ll be walking around waterfalls and can expect lots of snow and ice. Such as Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss and snæfellsnes. not to mention if you’re going up north!

Do note that these are not meant for long mountain hikes.


Small – Eu Size 36-39 – UK 3.5-6 – US Women’s 6-8 – US Men’s – 4.5-6.5

Medium – Eu size 39-42 – UK 6-9 – US Women’s 8-11 – US Men’s – 6.5-9.5

Large – 42-44 Eu size – UK 9-10 – US Women’s 11-12 – US Men’s – 9.5-10.5

XLarge – 44-47 Eu size – UK 10-12.5 – US Women’s 12-14 – US Men’s – 11-13


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