8 things to wear in Iceland in November (2024)

You’ll need to be wearing outdoor clothing for Iceland in November

Winter in Iceland can be pretty damn cold and you should be well prepared in order to get the most out of your trip!

In this post I’ll go over;

  • The 8 things you’ll need to wear for Iceland in November
  • What you can do in November
  • Q&A

Make sure to read to the end to get the answer to some common questions asked about Iceland in November.

Now off we go!

Iceland in november

I’ve lived in Iceland my whole life. I know how unpredictable and crazy the weather in Iceland can get. 

If you’re not prepared, you won’t want to spend a lot of time outside in nature.

And that’s NOT what we want!

After reading this post you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to wear for Iceland in November!

Outdoor clothing for Iceland in November 

The weather in November is cold but it’s not because of the temperature. 

The average temperature in Iceland in November is 4°C (40°F) though it does get a bit colder up north. 

So what makes Iceland cold then?

The wind and rain.

On average, it rains about 10 days in November. That means that it’s more than likely that you’ll encounter a few wet days on your trip.

This leads me to the main thing all your outer layers should have…

Water resistance!  

Having water-resistant outer layers is very important all year round, but in November especially. This is because of the low temperature and wind. 

So don’t let the temperature on vedur.is fool you, it definitely doesn’t FEEL like 4°C (40°F)


But what does that mean for you?

Let’s start closest to the skin


In the winter months, layers are super important.

I recommend a thin layer closest to your skin. This layer should breathe well and dry fast.

On top of that, you wear a wool sweater, a thick sweater, or a hoodie.

wool sweater

If you really don’t like the cold then you can wear another thin layer on top of the first one. 

Outdoor pants

Water and wind-resistant pants are ideal for the winter. 

As I mentioned, you can expect rain and wind. Wearing a pair of outdoor pants will definitely have a positive impact on your trip!

Hiking boots

This is a big one!

hiking boots

You need good boots for the winter. It is vital for you to enjoy Iceland in November.

You’ll want shoes that breathe and repel water. 

If you’re in the middle of a south coast trip, then wet and cold feet are a great way to have a miserable time. 

And sleet is ever present during the winter months!

All in all, wear good boots!

Outer layer

The best outer layer to have in November is a parka.

parka for iceland winter

It’s water resistant (up to a point) and keeps you warm.

You also won’t need as many layers underneath! We here at IcelandCover are very fond of the parka because of its versatility. 

If you don’t want to be cold in Iceland, wear a parka.


In November, temperatures start to drop. 

And although you can’t expect too much snow in the capital. It’s started to appear in the countryside. 

What you can expect though, is black ice

Crampons are an added layer of safety while you enjoy Iceland.

A wrong slip can ruin the vacation. So if you’re a bit unsure of your balance, then bringing a pair of Crampons is 100% recommended. 


A good beanie will be your friend in Iceland.

Your ears will thank you! If you plan on hunting the northern lights or taking a day trip to the south coast, you’ll need a beanie

A thick one! Leave the fisherman beanies at home!


Gloves are definitely a plus.

You can hide your hands in your pockets of course. But where’s the freedom in that!

A good pair of water or wind-resistant gloves will make your trip to Iceland more enjoyable. 


Scarfs are very personal. 

I don’t use one because I wear a parka and I can’t fit one around my neck comfortably. 

If you’re really cold all the time, then bringing a scarf is recommended.

But if you wear a parka and a thick sweater, you most likely won’t need one.

Now that I’ve gone through the clothing you’ll want to have for Iceland in November. 

What do you need the clothes for?

What to do in November in Iceland

Now that you know what outdoor clothing for Iceland in November you’ll need…

What can you do?

Here I’ll list a few things that are good to do in November.

Northern lights

A classic! 

With shorter days, it becomes easier and easier to see the northern lights. By that, I don’t mean that there are MORE of them or that your chances are higher. 

But that you won’t have to go out super late. 

If you’re in Iceland in late August or early September, it doesn’t get dark until about 11 pm. This means that you’ll be out there at 1 am trying to see those darn lights!

So November is a great time to see the northern lights in Iceland

Christmas in Reykjavík

If you come at the beginning of November then maybe the Christmas decorations won’t be up (thankfully) 

However, at the end of the month, they’ll definitely be all around downtown. Which makes for a lovely walk! 

The pond

The pond is a lovely place to visit all year round. 

In November, if it’s cold enough then it’ll freeze over. This is unlikely but not impossible!

And if it does, you can walk on it! So grab a warm (or a cold) drink and walk on the ice in the heart of the city!

Ice Caves

You can see Ice caves basically all year round. 

However, the blue ice cave is only open in the winter. Therefore, if you want to go into a glacier, November is a great time to do it!

Of course, there are others as well and the ice caves are an ever-changing natural phenomenon so they change with the years and even months!


As we get more and more snow, new routes open for snowmobiling.

Though you can do it all year round, once we get a certain amount of snow, it gets even better!

And you know exactly what you’ll need! 

There are tons of stuff to do in Iceland in November and I’ve only touched on a few. 

If you’re looking for some ideas you can check them out here


Is it windy in November?

It’s windy all year round! But in the winter we have more storms. 

So you can expect a lot of wind in November, that’s for sure!

Is it Cold in November?

It is cold in November. Though the temperature might be low you can expect rain, wind and a bit of snow. 

Though it depends on where on the island you’re planning to travel. If you travel north, you’ll most likely encounter more snow than you would in the south. 

Is there snow in November?

Yes and now. Depends on what you consider snow. Do we technically have snow? Yes. But there isn’t a lot of it and you won’t be able to DO anything with it. Like building a snow house or snowman. 

We’ll get a thin layer that will disappear quickly and turn into ice.

Though in the north you might find more snow that you can actually do something with.

How long are the days in November?

On the 1st of November, the day is about 8 hours long while the 30th is only 5 hours long. 

So the race to get the most out of the daylight begins for real in November. 

Final words

That’s it!

If you follow my advice on outdoor clothing for Iceland in November you’ll be all set and ready to enjoy your time on our little island!

If you have any questions you can contact us at icelandcover@icelandcover.com

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