Camping in Iceland – All questions answered

If you’re going camping in Iceland and you’re wondering if campsites have showers, how much it costs to camp, or if you’re allowed to camp anywhere you want. 

Then you’re in the right place!  

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the most frequently asked questions!

So let’s get to it! 

Camping in Iceland – All questions answered

Is Camping Safe?

Yes! Iceland is a very safe country and by extension, so is camping! The only thing you have to worry about is the weather 

Is camping allowed in Iceland?

Absolutely it is! Who’s saying it isn’t?  

Is camping free?

There are very few campsites that are free. The only one I know of is Strandakirkja camping.  

Can you camp anywhere in Iceland?

Technically yes, but it comes with a few caveats. 

  • It can’t be on private property 
  • You have to be far from the campsite. 
  • So if you camp just outside of a campsite, you can be asked to move. 

Do campsites have showers?

I would say most of them do. And if not, no need to worry, just go to a swimming pool! They are all over the place, even on small towns. 

Can you rent camping gear in Iceland?

Yes you can! If you want to rent the outdoor gear you need, you can check out our selection right here! 

Is will camping legal in Iceland?

Wild camping is not illegal, but you have to be far from a campground. 

Camping rules in Iceland

  • Respect nature 
  • Don’t leave any trash behind 

How to book campsites in Iceland?

You don’t need to book spots at a campsite. There might be some that are full, but then you just move on to the next one!  

But honestly, if you come very late, there’s always a way to find some space!  

Where to buy camping gas?

You can buy camping gas at our store on Laugavegur 51 in the heart of Reykjavík! Or at many gas stations!  

Where to pack a campervan in Iceland?

Campervans can camp at any campsite! There are of course campsites that have better facilities but don’t let that stop you from staying at a small campsite in the middle of nowhere! 

Camping in Iceland with kids 

    Kids are welcome at all campsites! There are no special rules for camping with kids in Iceland.

    Camping Iceland card

    Here you can find information about the camping card

    Camping in Iceland in June

    Camping in June is great. You’ve got lots of sun and the longest day of the year! The 21st of June 

    camping in Iceland in July

    There’s just so much sun! Prepare to never see the dark. You can set off any time of the day because it doesn’t matter! 

    The weather is mild and warm, but you should prepare for bad weather of course! 

    Camping in Iceland in August

    It’s getting a bit dark in the night but if you’re lucky, the weather is going to be nice! 

    If not, it’s early autumn!  

    camping in Iceland in may

    May is the ‘start’ of the camping season. It’ll be cold but you’ll be mostly alone on the road. 

    Camping in april

    Camping in April can be risky since winter might still be around. Not something we recommend unless you’re experienced 

    Camping in March 

      We do not recommend camping in March unless you’re experienced.  

      camping in September

      September can be a lovely month to camp, and it can also be pretty bad. It all depends on how lucky you are with the weather. But if the question is if you can still camp in September, then absolutely! 

      Camping in winter

      Winter camping isn’t really a thing unless you’re experienced 

      camping in December

      We do not recommend camping in December. It’s too cold and the weather is harsh. 

      Camping in November

      We do not recommend camping in November. The weather is harsh and it is quite cold 

      That’s it!

      I hope we were able to answer some of your questions!

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