Iceland Volcano(How To Dress For Fagradalsfjall Volcano)

The volcano in Iceland is erupting! 

And if you’re in Iceland (or planning on coming) you should absolutely check it out!

There are many things to consider before packing up and leaving for the hike.

What’s the weather going to be like? 

What should I bring with me? 

Is it dangerous? 

How do I get there?

How long does it take?

And most importantly, what should you wear? 

No need to worry! 

I’ll go over these points and get you ready for the hike to the volcano!

Now, off we go!

What to be aware of before going to the volcano in Iceland?


The most important thing to check out before you leave for the hike is to check the SO2 (Sulfur dioxide) levels.

You can do that by checking out the sulfur levels on

Wind around the volcano

There you can see where the wind will blow the gas and plan your trip accordingly.

Because the main thing you want is to have the wind in your back when looking at the volcano. That way, the gas is being blown away from you.

You can find great tips on

But that’s not all.

The weather at Fagradalsfjall volcano

The weather can change rapidly in Iceland.

Although the forecast might say one thing, the reality could be a lot different. 

That is why it’s extremely important to be well prepared for all weather conditions and check the wind forecast routinely until you step out of the car and start the hike. 

And there’s another thing.

The trail to the volcano

You can find a picture of the trail and current conditions on It can change from day to day because of the wind direction.

Don’t be afraid to ask local rescue teams or police that are stationed there which trail to take. 

As more fissures appear the trail is always changing. I highly recommend using saftravel.

You should expect the hike to last for the majority of the day and please note that the terrain is hard and the route you take might have steep hills to climb.

The volcano is located near the town of Grindavík. 

location of the volcano in iceland

And it’s very easy to get to. 

It will take you about 50 minutes to drive from Reykjavík to the volcano.

For the most up-to-date info about the situation and the hiking trail, check out

It’s quite hard to recommend a route since the trail can change so fast and with new fissures appearing three years in a row now the best option is to check on

But what till stay the same no matter what is…

What to wear to the volcano in Iceland

When hiking to the Fagradalsfjall Volcano you need to be well equipped. 

Here I’ll go over the clothes you’ll need for the trip.

Good hiking boots

Hiking boots for the hike

Wearing a good pair of hiking boots is one of the most important things to have.

The route is full of gravel and steep hills. 

The shoes should be water-resistant and have a good grip. 

You don’t want to wear Nikes on this hike.

Parka, raincoat, or a shell?


A parka is a good choice if looks like it’s going to be cold. It’ll keep you warm and protected from the wind, rain, and cold. 

Parka for Iceland

However, if it’s not cold enough, it might be too much. The parka is made for extreme conditions and since you’ll be exercising, you might get very warm. 

So make sure to check out the temperature and wind. Even though the weather forecast might say it’s going to be warm, the wind might think differently. 

We wrote a blog about the weather in Iceland, check it out for more information. 


The raincoat is a good choice if it’s not going to be too cold. 

It definitely offers less protection against the cold but it’s completely waterproof and as long as it’s not extremely windy, it’ll keep you covered.

The drawback is that it’s not breathable. However, since it’s got a double zipper, you can zip it up to increase breathability.

raincoat for iceland


A shell is a combination of a wind jacket and a raincoat. It’s lighter and is a great choice if you have good layers underneath. 

If you don’t have a few layers though, it might not be enough for the cold. 

I like wearing a shell when I’m hiking so if you have one, definitely bring it with you!

Outdoor pants

outdoor pants for iceland

Obviously, jeans are not the way to go. It won’t change much if you’ve covered your upper body and left the lower one exposed!

A good pair of wind and water-resistant pants are vital.

No one likes to hike in wet pants and it will definitely have a negative effect on your trip.

So make sure to wear a pair of outdoor pants!

Good socks

Good thick socks. 

Wear them. 

That is all.

A beanie 

Don’t forget the beanie at home! It’ll keep your ears safe on your way to the volcano!

Crampons in the winter

crampons for hiking

In winter it’s important to have a pair of crampons with you. 

You don’t have to wear them for the entire hike. Only when you think the ground is slippery or icy.

The crampons are an added layer of safety and are well worth it.

Food and water

Don’t forget the food and water at home! 

Take more rather than less with you because remember, this is a 4-5 hour hike.

  • Sandwiches
  • Nuts
  • Water
  • Bread
  • Skyr

You get the idea! 

Heel band-aids

Now, this might be a bit of a luxury item but hear me out.

There is nothing in this world more annoying than a wound on your heel. 

This is why I always take a band-aid for my heel on every hike. 

That way, if I start to feel uncomfortable, I can just whip it out and prevent any future issues!

Now that I’ve gone over what you should wear for your hike to the volcano.

There is one more thing I want to mention.

Evening hike to Fagradalsfjall volcano

If you plan on doing an evening hike you need to have a headlamp. It will get very dark and you absolutely need to have a light with you in order to safely walk the trail. 

You might get lucky and have a lot of people around you wearing a headlamp, lighting your way. 

However, you can’t take the chance on that so make sure to bring one with you.

Also, the evening will amplify the cold. So make sure to bring with you extra layers!


Final words

That’s it!

If you follow my advice, look at the weather and wind forecast and dress as I’ve suggested above.

You’ll be able to enjoy the volcano without any issues! 

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