Hiking boots in Iceland

Hiking boots in Iceland are a great choice if you plan on exploring the countryside. They keep the feet warm and – most importantly – dry while you enjoy your adventure in Iceland.

In this blog, I’ll go over;

  • The shoes we at IcelandCover offer
  • How we maintain and clean them
  • Why it’ll enhance your time here on our little island. 

Hiking boots in Iceland

Hiking boots for Iceland

The shoe we have for rent is the Day Mid GTX.

It’s a lightweight hiking shoe that delivers a solid grip, comfort, and wet weather protection with every step.

It has a GORE-TEX membrane that provides total waterproof protection and high breathability. The mid-high profile delivers extended ankle support and protection. 

This shoe is perfect for adventurers that want to explore the south coast, hunt the northern lights, and visit all of our waterfalls.

The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable and a good pair of shoes will enable you to enjoy your time outside for as long as you can. 

How do we clean them?

When renting hiking boots you of course want to receive a nice and clean pair. After each use we;

  • Wipe off any excess dirt
  • Spray the inside to kill any germs and give it a good smell
  • Make sure that the sole underneath is intact.

Hiking boots in Iceland, why?

A good way to sour your time in the countryside is having wet and cold feet. 

You want to be able to enjoy;

  • Seljalandsfoss 
  • Gullfoss
  • Reynisfjara
  • Fjaðrárgljúfur
  • Dettifoss

And many other places without leaving the place cold and wet. I want you to get the most out of your adventure here in Iceland and to do that, you need good shoes!

It’s smart to add crampons as well in the wintertime! 

Hiking boots in Iceland in winter

Wearing hiking boots during the wintertime is very important.

You can expect a lot of rain, wind, and cold during the winter months.

Don’t make the same mistake as so many others have done and neglect your feet.

The two most important places to keep warm and dry are the feet and the head.

Exploring the south coast with cold and wet feet is not fun!

But how about in the summer then?

Hiking boots in summer in Iceland

The summer is more gentle, but don’t let that fool you!

You can expect warmer temperatures but the wind and rain aren’t going away!

As you might be aware of already, the main issue with Iceland is the wind and rain.

No matter the season, they stay consistent.

And like in the winter, you don’t want to be cold and wet while you explore our island.

You’ll definitely be able to get away with more in the summer and you can wear your running shoes on more days, but if you plan on doing a lot of activities, you should have one good pair of boots with you.


  • What if the shoes don’t fit

We have a size guide for our shoes and we recommend that you follow that. When it comes to hiking shoes it is better to go a little too large than small.

This is because our feet swell up during a day of walking and you can always wear thick socks to fill up a small gap. If the shoe is too small, there is little you can do to change that.

  • Soreness 

One of the big issues with wearing new shoes is the period until you’ve molded them to your feet. During that time, you might get blisters on your heels that are sure to ruin your exploring.

Because of this, it’s smart to purchase heel band-aids as soon as you start to feel discomfort.

You can find band-aids in any pharmacy in the country. Such as Lyfja or Apótekarinn

  • Is it only for winter?

It’s always smart to have a good pair of hiking boots no matter what season you’re visiting Iceland. Winter in Iceland can be difficult since you don’t know if it’ll rain or snow, so it’s doubly important since the wind, cold, and rain come together in an unholy alliance.

So if you rent outdoor gear, crampons, and shoes, you’re all set for your Icelandic winter adventure!

I hope this little blog has answered some of your questions regarding our shoes. If you have any questions send us a line through our email icelandcover@icelandcover.com

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