What is happening with IcelandCover in Covid?

You might be wondering how things are going for a small clothing rental in Iceland that depends almost entirely on tourists, while Covid-19 has kept tourists from travelling to Iceland for almost a year now! Well.. we’re hanging in there. Fortunately, since our business is small and online, we can manage to keep our costs very low when the revenues are next to none. So far, we’ve gotten few orders this winter, which is more than we expected, so we’re holding up all right. Our clothing rental is not going anywhere anytime soon, and we couldn’t be more excited for next winter!! Especially these days when it’s almost hard to sleep because of the bright northern lights! Our hopes are that borders will start opening up next autumn, and as soon as they open, we will be waiting for you, with our coats and parkas, excited to rent them to you to keep you warm in Iceland 🙂

We look forward to see you as soon as possible!

Sveinbjörn & Davíð

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