Snow Gloves

349 kr.

  • These are impossible to zip up with!
  • Great for winter (November – March)
  • Price per day: 349 ISK (approx. 2.5 USD)
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Gloves are underappreciated when it comes to fighting off the cold. But going out exploring without gloves on, will lead to guaranteed discomfort. Though not essential to keeping you warm, they add a level of comfort to your experience in Iceland. We all know the feeling of having freezing fingers. And that is a surefire way to cut the amount of time you want to stay outside, and that’s what Iceland is all about! So don’t make the mistake of going into the wild without gloves on! 

The gloves are made out of waterproof fabric, they have reinforced palms for good grip and are easy to put on. Thick and warm!

Pro tip!
You should zip your parka before putting these on. They are made to withstand challenging weather conditions.

We recommend the gloves for winter (November-March)



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