Sauce pot and wind burner

3,440 kr.

  • The dynamic duo! Here to keep your meals warm and delicious!
  • You can fit the wind burner and some sizes of gas in the pot!
  • Perfect from May – September
  • Pricing:
    • 1st day: 3,440 ISK (approx. $25)
    • 2nd day: 1,376 ISK (approx. $10)
    • 3rd day: 486 ISK (approx. $3.5)
    • 4th day and after that: 256 ISK ( approx. $2)

For adventurers who want to feast in the wilderness. 

This wind burner is windproof and has a pressure-regulated stove system. 

Along with it is a 2.5 L sauce pot for 2-4 people to share a simmered feast. Easy cleanup with the pot’s ceramic-coated surface.  

This set contains; 

  1. Wind burner 
  1. 2.5L Saucepot 
  1. Good times 

These items are essential camping gear for Iceland. Cook a nice warm stew (or anything else!) while you explore Iceland on your own terms.  

So, if you’re coming camping in Iceland in the summer, this bad boy is mandatory!  

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