Women’s Jacket

1,390 kr.

  • The Down jacket is a never a bad pick. Can be used as an outer layer on a good windy day, or as an extra layer if it’s going to rain.
  • Great for spring, summer, and fall (April – October)
  • Cost per day: 1390 ISK (approx. 9 USD)

When traveling the Dún úlpa (Down jacket) is a staple of Icelandic clothing, the vanilla flavor of outdoor clothing if you will. For those days when the wind is chilly but it’s too damn hot outside to be wearing more clothing, that’s when you’ll be glad to be wearing a down jacket. A standard household item here in Iceland. We wear it when it’s not cold enough for a parka, when we’re going downtown or we’re jumping from the house to the car.
A couple of things about this particular dún úlpa.

  • Bomber-inspired quilted jacket
  • Slightly feminine shape
  • Knitted stretch panels insides for better movement and ventilation
  • To be used as a layering or by itself

If it looks to be too cold, put on a layer or two underneath. Then on sunny days, don’t wear the layer and simply open it up!
Though it can be worn as the outer layer and it is classified as waterproof. We recommend that you only do so if you’re completely sure that it’s not going to rain. Don’t be the silly bean wearing a soaked down jacket out in the cold, it won’t do you any good then.
Great for hiking the highlands in the summer, walking the beach and exploring the country.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the color you will receive, but we can guarantee that you’ll look fabulous and warm!


We recommend Rima during spring, summer, and fall.
April – October

S 4-6 6-8 38-40
M 7-10 9-12 41-43
L 11-14 13-16 44-48
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