Women’s Parka

1,390 kr.

  • The parka is for the winter when the winds pummel you from every direction while the weather can’t decide between rain or snow.
  • Great for winter and fall (October – April)
  • Cost per day: 1390 ISK (approx. 10 USD)
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When the upside-down-sideways rain hits ya, Malou is the one who will keep you safe. The parka is probably the most important clothing in Iceland. We here at IcelandCover couldn’t really imagine life here without it. Its literal product description says “made to withstand the harshest weather conditions” And boy oh boy is that true.
Here is some information regarding this particular parka.

  • 100% water- and windproof, all seams taped.
  • Longer parka within clean look with generous cozy pockets at front.
  • Lightweight outer fabric in cotton mix.
  • Soft luxury pile at the inner back, hood, and lower pockets.
  • Hidden reflective at the inside sleeve to fold up when needed.

Keeping you cozy warm during the coldest of days, the parka is something that people who are perpetually cold, really need. An all-encompassing garment, if the Parka we’re a person, it would show up to a party with bottles of water and a gift for the home. But the best thing about the parka is that you really don’t need to throw on the layers. Put on a T-shirt, cause this bad boy will keep you warm and cozy.
Great for when you want to go play in the snow, stand on the beach in the middle of December or looking at the northern lights and stars for an hour or two.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the color you will receive, but we can guarantee that you’ll look fabulous and warm!

We recommend Malou during winter.
October – April

S 4-6 6-8 38-40
M 7-10 9-12 41-43
L 11-14 13-16 44-48
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