Men’s Down Jacket

1,190 kr.

  • You can never go wrong with a down jacket by your side. Great for on a windy day and when it’s a slight drizzle (so pretty much 345 days of the year). Can be used as an outer layer or when the weather is really bad, as an extra layer.
  • Fantastic for spring, summer, and fall Aprill – Oktober)
  • Cost per day: 1190 ISK (approx. 9 USD)
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Have you ever been too cold but after putting on a couple of layers it’s too hot all of a sudden? Don’t worry, we have just the thing. The Dún úlpa (Down jacket) is a staple of Icelandic clothing, the vanilla flavor of outdoor clothing if you will. Keeping you warm in the coldest of nights and on windy days. Then you just open it up on a sunny day!
A couple of things about this particular dún úlpa.


  • The Campo has a slightly higher collar to protect against wind and rain. 
  • It has stretch panels for extra flexibility on the side.
  • The main material is water and windproof.

The higher collar is something you should not take for granted here in Iceland. Here the rain and the wind form an unholy bond to pester you all day and night. While the stretch panels are good for when you need to make your body rotate 180° to catch that amazing picture. Lastly, the water and windproof material are mandatory here in Iceland, because of course it is. Though it can be worn as the outer layer and it is classified as waterproof. We recommend that you only do so if you’re completely sure that it’s not going to rain. Don’t be the silly bean wearing a soaked down jacket out in the cold, it won’t do you any good then.
Great for hiking the highlands in the summer, walking the beach and exploring the country.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the color you will receive, but we can guarantee that you’ll look fabulous and warm!

We recommend the Down jacket for Summer, spring, and fall.
April – October

S 4-6 6-8 38-40
M 7-10 9-12 41-43
L 11-14 13-16 44-48
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