How to travel like the locals in Iceland

When traveling to another country there’s always a nagging thought at the back of your mind. 

‘Am I going to the right places?’
‘Will it be crowded?’
‘Am I going to have to stand in line for hours?’ 

All valid concerns and a possibility depending on when you go to Iceland and where. For example, if you’re driving the Golden Circle in the middle of July, then you can expect a lot of people and the possibility of a queue. And justifiably so! The golden circle is a classic route where you can see amazing things in a short time. But that’s not where Icelanders go. Partly cause we’ve seen it many times before. But mainly because there are so many other great places to see on our little island.
So where do we go?
Where there aren’t as many people around?
The answer is simple; 

The Westfjords.

You don’t have to guess where it is, as the answer is in the name. If you’re prepared to rent a car and like to explore, the Westfjords are the place for you. Some of Iceland’s most beautiful mountains and amazing scenery. Where you can find the moments that will be the highlights of your trip.
For instance, Látrabjarg is the place in Iceland that is not only an amazing cliff, but furthermore, it is the most western part of Iceland. Just look at the picture!

Now, be careful though. Falling down the cliff means a quick trip to the afterlife! 

If you’re scared of heights, then you should check out a place called Rauðisandur. Translated into English it means red sand. Yes, it’s true, Icelanders are so used to black beaches that when we finally found a normal one, we didn’t know what to call it.

Red sand beach, Iceland

Don’t forget your camera before this one. Some amazing pictures can be taken there if the weather is right. And even if it’s not, you can rent the clothing you need right here with us and enjoy Rauðisandur whenever you want! 

If you are in search of waterfalls, no worries, Westfjords has them too! Dynjandi is a waterfall near Bíldudalur. It is one of the trademarks of the Westfjords and there is a good reason for that!

You can find some breathtaking waterfalls around Iceland. But when you are looking for a beautiful waterfall AND few tourists, this is the one. Incredibly wide and makes a ton of noise. I can guarantee that no other place in the world is more suitable for a picnic than this one. That is if the weather is good. That happens at least four times a year 🙂

That’s it for now folks. If you like peaceful places with amazing scenery, then the Westfjords are for you.

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