A Quick and Easy Guide to Get Dressed for Iceland


Now that you’re coming to Iceland we bet you’re wondering. What should I wear? You google the weather in Iceland and are greeted with the average temperature of the months. You see that the temperature is only -2C (28F) in January. Pffft, that’s nothing. You say.
But! There is one thing we Icelanders don’t do, and that is, we don’t factor in the wind.
In most countries they will tell you the temperature and then what it feels like. Well, the Icelandic weather people want you to figure it out yourself. And so you arrive woefully unprepared for the weather. And that is exactly what we’re here to prevent!  

What can you expect?

Well, for starters, a whole lot of rain and wind, especially in the wintertime. If you come wearing just a down jacket and a pair of nikes, chances are that you might not want to stay out for that long. And that is the opposite of what traveling in Iceland is all about! We want you to be able to spend as much time as you want in our amazing nature.

It’s important to note that there are some months that are more difficult than others. Those months are March, April, May and November. These months are what we like to call, wild cards and there is no way of knowing if the weather is going to be like. Will it rain or snow? Windy? Even Icelanders have no clue! This is the time where you’re most likely to experience all of the season in about an hour.
Here below is a short, concise list of what you need to bring to Iceland.

Here is what you need to bring.

  • Good shoes, preferably water resistant
  • Thick socks
  • A beanie
  • Gloves, preferably made out of water resistant material
  • Pants that can stretch (not jeans)
  • Pants to wear underneath the other pants
  • A hick sweater
  • A Thin sweater
  • Scarf
  • A parka that can withstand a lot of rain 
  • Rain pants/hiking pants

Rent the parka and pants with us to save some bag space and you’re good to go! That is honestly all you need to bring! So go on and have fun!

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